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Hybrid Styles

Lots to Choose From!

What We Offer

We work with all types & styles of log homes and will construct products from any supplier... But, over many years of building and owning various log homes, I have found the recent surge in popularity of the Insulated or Half-Log products to be well deserved. This modern concept maintains all the beauty & charm of "full-log" homes, but without the inherent issues of settling, shrinkage, twisting, air infiltration, and excessive maintenance!  The ease of construction, flexebility, and incredible strength & energy efficiency of these homes is simply unsurpassed!

I've developed a stringent criteria to ensure a successful outcome for each log home project I am involved in, and I have identified suppliers that meet this criteria and share my high standards for the superior quality & service that I insist on for my clients, including:

  • Multiple Species Choices - Western Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar, & Norway (Red) Pine, known for their stunning appearance and superior insulating & durability characteristics; or, the more economical Lodge Pole or Northern White Pine. All timbers are hand-selected for optimal appearance and structural integrity. Structural Grading is available as required.
  • Logs are Air &/or Kiln Dried to an appropriate uniform moisture content.  In the arid Colorado climate, dry timbers is a critical factor, to minimize continued shrinkage and "checking" after your home is erected!  Less moisture content also results in lower shipping costs and easier construction!
  • Our Logs/Siding comes in Several Styles, Sizes and Profiles, including Laminated Logs & Foam-Core Logs!  Available Corner Options include: Butt & Pass, Saddle-Notch, Dovetail or Post corners... All Precision Milled to exact tolerances for tight-fitting joinery. A true "draw knife" hand-peeled finish is available on some styles, for an authentic "rustic" appearance.                View Available Profiles & Corners
  • We can accommodate any Floor Plan you choose, or can assist with custom designs to meet your unique needs and desires… Keep in mind that alterations, size changes, or mixing components from different plans is a simple process.  It is possible to start with any conventional framed home plan, but openness, lots of windows and minimal corners are typical in most log homes.   Here are some helpful links for some potential plans to give you ideas and stimulate your  thought process: FloorPlans1FloorPlans2FloorPlans3.
  • Materials Included - We will provide all necessary timbers, siding, posts, beams, log stairs and railings for your log home.  We also have discount pricing available for Insulated Roof Panels, solid-wood Interior & Entry Doors, and Custom Cabinets!  Additional construction materials are best purchased from area suppliers to minimize transportation costs and take advantage of local price competition!  We will assist in coordinating these purchases as needed.
  • Personal Assistance:
    • Design Consultation - Do's and Don'ts of Log Construction
    • Free Cost Estimates and Budgeting Assistance
    • Economical Preliminary Floorplan Design Services
    • On-site Technical Assistance / Construction Management
    • Assistance with Financing - Lender Referral
    • Assistance with Land Purchases - Real Estate Services
    • Site Evaluation and pre-construction Planning
    • Model Home &/or Previous Project Viewing (by appointment)

Again, we work with all types of log styles and any manufacturer, throughout Colorado and beyond!  My personal preference for Half-Log &/or "Hybrid" Log Homes is due to the fact that these style virtually eliminates many of the concerns typically associated with log homes... They are MORE EFFICIENT, EASIER to BUILD and install mechanicals, offer great design & decorating FLEXIBILITY, and require LESS MAINTENANCE (due to the complete elimination of settling)!  What's more, from all appearances, they look identical to a full-log home.  This conviction is based on years of experience with Full-Log Homes (as owner & builder).  If you share some of these concerns, this new style might be worth your consideration!
Feel free to give us a call for an informal chat to discuss the options and how we might best assist!  Contact Us