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Many Styles &  Profiles to Choose From...

Full Logs, Laminated Logs, Foam-Core Logs,  HalfLogs, T&G Log Siding, Etc...

Full-Round in & out,  "D" style (round out & flat in),  Swedish Cope (the Western look), Dove Tail (the colonial look), Etc...

Most available with optional Hand-Hewn finish!

Several Corner Styles Avaiable...

Butt & Pass, Saddle Notch, Corner Posts, Dove Tail, Half Logs with Full Tails, Etc...

Here are some samples of our many available

Corner Styles and Log Profiles:

Butt & Pass Corner  Butt & Pass Corner / Round in & out

  Also available in "D" log style (flat on inside)

Dove Tail Corner  Dovetail Corner

Swedish Cope / Saddle Notch  Saddle Notch Corner / Swedish Cope log profile

Post corner  Post Corner Style

Half Logs  Half-Log siding over 2x6 Frame...

  Swedish Cope Profile, Available with Full Tails!

  The ultimate in Strength & Efficiency!

T & G siding  Tongue & Groove Log Siding...

  Mix and Match... profile or species. 

  Available in smooth or Hand-Hewn finish (shown)

  Ultimate Flexibility!




Half Log out - Log Siding in Hybrid Log wall...

Half-Lof Exterior, Log Siding Interior

on 2x6 R-19 wall with 1" foam vapor barrier.

The Ultimate in EFFICIENCY!










Half-Log Exterior with full tails, for that authentic Log Home Look... They'll never know the difference; but YOU will!




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